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Help link text displays in the Global Navigation Menu, the footer of the login page, and the top menu bar in SpeedGrader. link text should be no more than 30 characters.


The navigation icon currently only displays in the Global Navigation Menu. Navigation icons can be chosen from the included icon set, with the question mark icon as the default.






Grading Period Terms

Grading periods have been reorganized to be associated by term and only managed at the account level. Each term can only be associated with one grading period set, but multiple terms can be in the same grading period set. This functionality is the first of several upcoming improvements to grading periods and provides more versatility across institutions.


Grading Period Sets

The Grading Periods account-level tab displays all grading period sets and their grading periods. Grading periods can be filtered by viewing a term in the Terms drop-down menu or by searching for the name of a term or grading period in the search field.


Terms are added to a grading set if the courses in the term use the same grading periods. Courses associated with a term automatically inherit the grading periods created specifically for the term.


Grading periods can be added to the grading period set in any order and are organized by start date. However, start and end dates cannot overlap in a grading period. As grading periods do not directly affect any course assignments, grading periods can be deleted or their start and end dates can be changed. However, changes should generally be made before a term begins. Changing grading period dates during a term will affect grade totals.

Note: Terms should be created in the account before being added to a grading period.




Once a term is associated with a grading period, the name of the grading period displays with the term in the Terms page.




Multiple Terms and Grading Periods

Each term can only be associated with one grading period set, but multiple terms can share the same grading period set. If an institution requires different grading periods to be active at the same time, admins can create additional terms and add them to a new or current grading period set. For instance, if various schools in a district need grading periods for semesters and quarters, admins can create a new term for each school and place the terms within different grading period sets—one created for semesters and one created for quarters. In the Terms page, each term will display its associated grading period.




Sub-Account & Courses View

As sub-accounts and courses associated with a term automatically inherit the grading periods created specifically for the term, grading periods are displayed in a read-only state.

Sub-accounts display all grading period sets for the account and associated grading periods.Grading periods are enabled on a course-by-course basis. When enabled, courses only display grading periods associated with the course term.

Grading periods for the term can be viewed within the course, but grading period start and end dates do not display in the Gradebook.




To view the dates associated with each grading period, instructors can view the grading periods tab in the grading schemes page (located at




Current Grading Periods

Any existing grading periods for an account have been retained at the group level as one grading period set. The name of the grading period set is the date a grading period was first created. Admins may prefer to separate the terms into individual grading period sets (reflecting the grading periods for each term). Terms can be moved to another grading period set as long as it is removed from its existing set first.